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Auburn Court

Auburn court is a beautiful townhome-style apartment community with plenty to offer. The complex is built to feel like its own isolated neighborhood, and the floor plans are variable enough to make every home feel unique. However, there are still flat-style homes in addition to the townhome-style rentals. The community is beautiful inside and out, and it has all the amenities of a more traditional apartment complex. A great deal of attention to detail and artistry went into the homes' exteriors and interiors, and the townhomes are tastefully colorful.

Community Amenities

Though Auburn Court is more like a small townhome community, it does have apartment complex amenities. There is an on-site laundry facility with enough machines to service the entire complex. Some units come with parking spaces. All residents can use the 24-hour emergency maintenance service if something breaks. Alternatively, residents can schedule appointments. Auburn Court is an environmentally friendly community, and there is an on-site recycling program. Potential residents are welcome to move here with their cats. Residents' rent covers some utilities.

Residents can step outside and relax on benches nestled in garden corners surrounded by red brick and colorful townhomes. Trees and sculptures lend the exterior an atmosphere of natural beauty, and the vegetation helps to keep sound levels to a minimum.

Floor Plans and Unit Amenities

The smallest unit at Auburn Court is 620 square feet, and the largest unit is 1,330 square feet. Even the smallest units are comfortable. The smallest flat has one cozy bedroom, a walk-in closet, a large kitchen, a full-sized bathroom and an additional large closet near the front door.

The two-bedroom units range from 900 to 1,185 square feet. Even the smallest two-bedroom has two walk-in closets, two smaller closets, a spacious bathroom and a walk-through kitchen with a full set of appliances.

The three-bedroom homes are spectacular. Larger flats have a great deal of closet space, multiple bathrooms, intimate living rooms and carpeted bedrooms. Three-bedroom homes range from 1,285 to 1,330 square feet, and they are available as townhomes or as flats.

Many units have their own decks or balconies and laundry rooms, and the views vary. Some homes have private entrances and open-concept floor plans. Other homes have sweeping views and more modern interiors.